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White Label Tutorial Part Two

White Label Tutorial Part Two  – In part one of this video series, we covered how to sign up for the White Label Program. In this video, we’ll walk through the steps to get your branded website information submitted, so you can start selling skip tracing under your own brand within a week. From this dashboard you’ll see a WL icon on the left side, which is for White Label sign up. Click on the White Label icon and you can see further information about how it works. Then just click the subscribe button. Now you will receive a registration email for White Label.

It will also redirect you back to this page to book a meeting with Mike. Just select the time that works best for you. Mike is the founder of Skip Force and wants to ensure that the product is a good fit, and to answer any questions that you may have. Once you met with Mike and it’s a good fit, the paperwork will be sent through DocuSign to execute. Upon execution you will receive access to your White Label platform. Make sure you have the same email address here as the one you signed up with for your membership, and now you’re booked.


White Label Tutorial Part Two – The next step will be to meet with Mike at the time you selected, so be sure to put that on your calendar and join him for the first meeting to discuss your White Label program, where you’ll then find out the next steps. The last step in this part of the process is to confirm your registration for White Label, where you’ll just click on this button here. This will also send you to the Book of Meetings page. But since we’ve already booked a meeting, we’re all good here. This is just your intro email. You’ll also receive an email confirming the time you’re meeting with Mike.


Once you’ve met with Mike, you’ll now be able to go to the White Label platform, which will give you the option under the white label icon on the left side of the dashboard you selected earlier. You can just click on that icon and go to sign in with your account. From here, you can start setting up your White Label website. For those of you who are using the API, you will not need to build a website as it will integrate with your current platform. However, if you’d like to set up a website with us, this is where you’ll do it.


From here, you just enter in all of your company information that you’d like for your website. Go for this one, put in the company name and the website address for the URL that you want your White Label website to be on. And then any support information for the email that you want people to contact when they’re inquiring for help and have this go to your team. Next, our White Label works with Stripe for payment processing. We require that you set up a Stripe account that is only used for White Label and not any other merchant activities.


White Label Tutorial Part Two – Once you set this up, please add info at As a developer in the teams section of your Stripe account and fill in your stripe credentials below such as your publishable key and stripe secret key. And then the next step is you’ll want to point your URL to your web server for the domain that we will put that you put above so that you can have your site directed to the site that we are going to build.


Here, direct the domain. If you have a professional developer on your end that you want us to be in communication with, you can put their information in here and we’ll then coordinate with you. If not, you can just select the I will take care of this and have your IT person enter in the DNS information so that your website points to the right address. Then you can see here are some example pricings that we’ve set up for you. There are two databases. One is Carrier, one is Credit. Each one provides different data for your customers.


You can see more information about the types of data details that each of your databases provides. You can get in-depth information on the differences in Carrier data and Credit data on our website at But here is a brief overview. Carrier data is a completely unique database and we are the exclusive supplier. The data provides up to three of the top numbers associated with the prospects by monitoring activity level over the past 12 to 24 months. It can identify the time of day the number is most active and then gives you the daily optimal call window or best time of day to call.


It also provides the number quality score, which tells you the best numbers to contact first, which we can monitor each numbers usage level, allowing us to assign a grade to every single number. Carrier data features include three of the highest ranked phone number patterns associated with the product, the optimal call window, the number quality score and email-add ons are $0.03.

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