Rather Than Having To Look At Hundreds Of Real Estate Listings From Different Websites, Long Tail Keywords Hone In On Exactly What The Clients Want.

Benefits of Utilizing Real Estate Tools – Long-tail keywords are the perfect way to find exactly what clients are looking for when searching for homes because they allow more specific results that would otherwise be missed. Rather than having to look at hundreds of real estate listings from different websites, long tail keywords hone in on exactly what the clients want—including price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc. Thus, there is one real estate tool that many real estate brokers often overlook—long-tail real estate keywords.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail real estate keywords help to target the specific needs of the clients’ real estate search. In addition, they can be used as part of effective real estate marketing particularly SEO campaigns for both website and individual listings. Furthermore, they are also a great way to ensure that real estate brokers are not missing any potential leads.

Benefits of Utilizing Real Estate Tools

What are they?

Long tail keywords are three or more word phrases that search engines value more than one or two-word searches. Additionally, they are more specific than short-tail ones, which means they have a better chance of being found in search engines.

According to Ahrefs, keywords with fewer than 10 monthly searches account for almost 95% of U.S. keyword database. This reveals a phenomenon where approximately 15% of all search queries fielded on their site were unique and had never been searched before.

To qualify as “long-tail,” a keyword doesn’t necessarily have to get fewer than 10 searches per month. Neither does it have to be compared to any specific search volume threshold.

How to find them

Identifying long-tail keywords can be challenging, but real estate brokers can start by brainstorming potential search terms that the target audience might use. You compare different products, services, or tools that your readers might use.

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