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Two Data Repositories On One Platform

Two Data Repositories On One Platform – So one of the biggest problems that we found that clients have that they would use our skip tracing service or somebody else’s skip tracing service, usually us first. And any non hit they would have to go to a different skip tracing provider. So we’re like, man, how do we solve this problem for our clients? We have over 1000 clients that are using us.

We want to keep them and make sure their experience is the best. Right? And so what we do is that we added another repository. So what does that mean? That means that we’re the only skip tracing provider that gives you two totally different data sets. We call one carrier, the other one credit. Credit is the same data pool that you’re getting from everybody else. And we’re able to get to you at a more discounted price because of our volume. At the very top that you’ll pay is eleven cents and you could get it as low as nine cents. That’s six to eight phone numbers, relative, distress filters, emails, the standard data set that you are probably used to.

Now the carrier side is going through the major phone carriers and that’s what we built our business on. That’s going to give you three phone numbers. An optimal call window, which if you’re not familiar with that, is the time of day that phone number is most active, and a number of quality score. We could grade the score for you from the activity level. Now what’s really cool is that whichever one you choose, you run that list and any non hits will automatically waterfall to the other repositories. Kind of filling that in, right? So it automatically does for you.

You don’t have to do the coverage of the act of pulling that list out, getting all the non hits, separating it, put it into another skip tracing provider. We do it for you automatically at an unbelievably low price. And we call that skip stacking. We’re the only ones on the market that provides our clients with that service. So come check us out, go to and I look forward to doing business with you.


7¢ Skip Tracing – Guaranteed lowest price on the market for the best quality data.

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