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Lead Management – Get More Sales

5 Lead Management Best Practices That Guarantee More Sales Lead management is one of the most critical parts of the sales process. These days, almost every company relies on a lead management platform to help streamline the process. However, no matter how good a tool is, it’s only as good as the processes that back […]

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Qualifying Your Real Estate Leads Can Double Your Business

Several teams say that not having enough leads is their biggest issue. Many believe if they could just have more, they would make more money. Generating leads is generally not the issue. In fact, a bigger issue is converting more of the opportunities that we have. If you are running your business well, you should […]

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5 Tips For Generating Leads On A Budget

Feed your lead funnel and gain exposure in your market. If you’re looking for additional ways to bring in new business, check out these five free and low-cost lead generation strategies. Social Media Generating leads on social media works best if you can invest both time and money into your accounts. However, with so many […]

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Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate

You can invest in different ways in real estate and start making money. Owning a real estate property is a significant investment that can be lucrative compared to other assets, such as owning stocks or bonds. One huge advantage is the concept of leveraging when you want to invest in real estate. One can pay […]

Close More Real Restate Deals
How to Increase Referrals and Close More Real Estate Deals

By Providing a Stellar Customer Experience   Customer retention is not a defensive play. The truth is, there is only a limited number of customers out there. But if you treat your customers right, you can get exponential returns on each and every one. If you’re trying to figure out how to close more real […]