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Proof Your Real Estate Portfolio?
Looking to Inflation-Proof Your Real Estate Portfolio?

As inflation continues to take a bite out of their portfolios, savvy real estate investors remain on the lookout for investment opportunities that are immune to its impact. Looking to Inflation-Proof Your Real Estate Portfolio? Try These 3 Tips – As inflation continues to take a bite out of their portfolios, savvy real estate investors […]

Financial Advisor
Business Owners And Real Estate Investors Need A Financial Advisor

Business owners and real estate investors often think they don’t need a financial advisor. Here’s why they shouldn’t try to go it alone. It’s common for real estate investors and owners of privately held businesses to reject the idea of retaining a financial advisor. What could the engagement possibly offer these money-savvy professionals that they […]

REITs: Traded vs. Non-Traded

Real estate investment trusts, or REITs, can be excellent investments. Many factors come into play, including risk tolerance, timeline, and your short- and long-term goals.  REITs generally have higher yields than bonds, making them good for income-seeking investors. But they also offer the prospect of your investment appreciating in value. For most investors, it’s a […]

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Why Real Estate Investing Is Becoming More Popular

Anyone can invest in real estate as long as they know what needs to be done while in business. Are you looking for a business opportunity to invest in? Real estate has become one of the most popular business ventures that you can think of. Anyone can invest in real estate as long as they […]

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Real Estate Investors Have Soured On The Current Market

Individual residential real estate investors are concerned over the impact that rising home prices and the lack of housing inventory are having on their real estate investments. Perceived risk of losing market share to iBuyers and other institutional investors is also on the rise. RealtyTrac® recently completed its second RealtyTrac Investor Sentiment Survey™, surveying over 300 […]

Healthcare REITs
Healthcare REITs To Invest In

Following a very difficult year in 2020, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have come back strong so far in 2021. One niche within the sector that’s still facing some uncertainty, however, are healthcare REIts. But that may be offering investors an opportunity. Here are three healthcare REITs worth looking at today. 1. The all-in-one The […]

NFTs And Real Estate Investing

NFTs and Real-World Real Estate – A Marriage Made in the Blockchain? When it comes to things that can become NFTs, the sky’s the limit. Anything can become a token and is thus recorded as a unique item in the blockchain. So, although people are currently toying with the idea of selling virtual real estate in […]

Real Estate Investing
The Hottest Markets For Real Estate Investing

Comprehensive Analysis Reveals the Hottest Markets for Real Estate Investing In the Nation MyHouseDeals (www.myhousedeals.com), a leading digital platform for real estate investors, recently released a comprehensive analysis of the top markets in the country for real estate investing. “Our quarterly and yearly market reports have always been a big hit with our members. The […]

Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing – Creative Ways To Start!

You don’t have to flip or sell your own home to start real estate investing. You could start real estate investing today without even owning a home or handling tenants. With so much talk of ways to make money through investments, many are turning to real estate. Real estate is a great way to build […]

Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing – Cashflow Versus Capital Gains

When you think about real estate investing, two types of investments probably come to your mind: Cash Flow or Capital Gains. But what are exactly these two types of investments, and why are they so different? Let’s take a closer look at real estate investing. Cash Flow Investments: When you invest based on cash flow, your […]