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Best Real Estate Tips For Realtors
Best Real Estate Tips For Realtors

Best Real Estate Tips For Realtors Best Real Estate Tips For Realtors – Real estate brokers are frequently used to refer to real estate salespeople and other licensees who must operate for and under the supervision of a certain broker. A real estate seller’s relationship with the buyers and sellers with whom they work is […]

Essential Software For Sales & Marketing Teams
Essential Software For Sales & Marketing Teams

Essential Software For Sales & Marketing Teams Essential Software For Sales & Marketing Teams – Is your sales and marketing team still using Excel spreadsheets and emails to keep track of customers and generate leads? There’s no time like the present to change that. Many organizations waste their growth team’s precious time by clinging to […]

Finding Properties With Lead Generation

Lead Generation is defined simply as the action or process of identifying potential customers for a business’s products or services. In the business of real estate investing, customers fall into one of two main categories – Lead Generation: Properties for acquiring by using one of several investing strategies(sellers) Buyers in the form of either individuals […]

Rethinking Lead Generation For A Post-Pandemic World

 Text messaging has taken on new importance in mortgage customer prospecting- Lead Generation Some lenders even using it as a method for distributing videos that aim to educate and entice consumers. – Lead Generation But whether more traditional contact methods, such as direct mail, are effective in the post-pandemic environment remains a question heavily debated […]

Real Estate Lead Generation
Creating A Real Estate Lead Generation System

Let’s look at some of the techniques of developing a real estate lead generation system. In 2020, more than 6.5 million houses were sold, and this is expected to increase by 7.1 million in 2021. A lead generation system could be a great way for your real estate business to capitalize on these trends, but […]

Acquisitions Management
How Is Your Acquisitions Management?

Do Your Acquisitions Management And Cold Calling Tactics Need A Refresher? Do you ever wonder why your acquisitions management and cold callers start off like rock stars and then start to kind of taper off? I’ll tell you what it’s called – The Dummy Curve. The Dummy Curve Is 100% Real When your cold callers […]

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Lead Generation – How’s Your Follow Up?

Here’s How To Make Your Deal Flow Spike!   So, you have your lead generation down, but you don’t seem to be making deals… You may need to revamp how you follow up with those leads. Are 50% of your deals not coming from follow up? My guess is going to be no. Because most […]

Lead Management
Lead Management – Get More Sales

5 Lead Management Best Practices That Guarantee More Sales Lead management is one of the most critical parts of the sales process. These days, almost every company relies on a lead management platform to help streamline the process. However, no matter how good a tool is, it’s only as good as the processes that back […]

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5 Tips For Generating Leads On A Budget

Feed your lead funnel and gain exposure in your market. If you’re looking for additional ways to bring in new business, check out these five free and low-cost lead generation strategies. Social Media Generating leads on social media works best if you can invest both time and money into your accounts. However, with so many […]

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Lead Generation Trends Sales Leaders Should Know

Top Lead Generation Trends On The Upswing The pandemic, for knowledge workers, has been a steady diet of changes upending many familiar go-to-market activities. In-person networking — out. Event attendance, including booth building, travel and time away from the office — out. Face-to-face “in your city” sales calls — out. Speaking slots at any events […]