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Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate

Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate Advantages Of Investing In Real Estate – Real estate is a changing sector with new properties constantly popping up. There are many benefits when you invest in real estate; for starters, you can earn a great deal of money from your investment. Additionally, real estate investments are relatively low-risk compared […]

An Essential Guide to Investing
An Essential Guide to Investing in Logistics Real Estate

An Essential Guide to Investing in Logistics Real Estate An Essential Guide to Investing in Logistics Real Estate – Delivering items purchased from online retailers and supermarkets, logistics companies serve the world’s growing population. As a result, this is a growing investment area that provides investors with high payouts and prospects for capital growth during […]

Real Estate Investing Strategies
10 Real Estate Investing Strategies For Beginners And Pros

Real Estate Investing Strategies Real Estate Investing Strategies – Owning real estate can be a good way to diversify an investment portfolio with an asset that generates similar returns to the stock market but with less volatility. Investors also enjoy tax benefits unique to residential real estate, and investors can use leverage to boost overall […]

Investors Use Leverage In Real Estate
How Investors Use leverage In Real Estate To Build Wealth

Investors Use Leverage In Real Estate Financing a rental property using a down payment is a strategy real estate investors use to mitigate risk and maximize potential rewards. By spreading investment capital across multiple homes, investors can generate multiple cash flow streams and quickly grow a real estate investment portfolio. However, there are pros and […]

Global real estate investment
Global Real Estate Investment Hits New High

Real Estate Investments Reach New Height       Investors are citing economic confidence for year-to-date volumes’ move beyond pre-pandemic levels. Global real estate investment has breached pre-pandemic levels as economic conditions stabilize and investors realign their strategies, albeit unevenly across geographies. With US $757 billion invested during the first three quarters of this year, […]

Global Real Estate
Five Big Questions Global Real Estate Is Asking In 2022

The major trends shaping global real estate are set to influence decisions throughout the year. Amid the raft of questions about what’s in store for 2022, here are five prominent global real estate trends that JLL experts believe will play a big role in how the industry moves forward. 1. Where will capital go next? […]

Finding Properties With Lead Generation

Lead Generation is defined simply as the action or process of identifying potential customers for a business’s products or services. In the business of real estate investing, customers fall into one of two main categories – Lead Generation: Properties for acquiring by using one of several investing strategies(sellers) Buyers in the form of either individuals […]

Why Investors Are Venturing Further Afield For Multifamily Deals

Emerging multifamily markets gain traction with growing range of investors Opportunities for large-scale investment in residential apartments have been confined to select countries for decades. But competition now has investors hunting for multifamily real estate beyond more established build-to-rent markets. German investment manager DWS is investing €42.4 million in a new development in Madrid, its […]

Will The Real Estate Market Crash In 2022?

 Many wonder if the real estate market will crash in 2022. Record-breaking growth can’t last forever — at least that’s what history tells us. But will 2022 be the year? Here’s what the data is showing us. Is hyper-expansion on the horizon? Supply and demand is the largest driver for real estate prices. Low-interest rates […]

Intelly Has The Potential To Change The Future of Real Estate Investing

Intelly is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that allows participants to invest in all types of real estate opportunities around the globe. The platform will enable users to invest in ongoing construction projects, residences and commercial properties. With their fractionized-nonfungible token (NFT) infrastructure, Intelly has created a tool for real estate to be tokenized. […]