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Commercial Properties – Gross Lease vs. Net Lease


Commercial properties can be leased in different ways, and this can have an effect on the financial risk you take on. Read on to find out what you, as an investor, need to know. When you make a real estate investment, do you pay attention to the lease structure? If not, you should. There are […]

Security Deposits In Commercial Real Estate

security deposits

Security Deposits in Commercial Real Estate: An Investor’s Guide Much like with¬†residential leases, investors in¬†commercial properties¬†may require tenants to pay a¬†security deposit¬†before entering into the lease agreement. Security deposits, whether in commercial or residential settings, are used to protect the landlord from incurring a loss in the event the tenant does not pay the rent, […]

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Investing – What You Need To Know The pandemic has thrown a wrench in commercial¬†real estate investors‚Äô plans¬†and may have scared off¬†new investors¬†of both residential and commercial real estate. Almost overnight, retail and office spaces were void of people, and businesses were struggling to pivot to online sales. Although many businesses have […]

Commercial Real Estate Investing Basics

Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate is its own class of real estate investing. Learn the ropes in this commercial real estate guide for beginners. When starting a new venture, like investing in commercial real estate, a guide is helpful. Commercial real estate (CRE) has the potential to provide significant income to brokers or investors, but there’s a […]

Commercial Real Estate Investing – Barriers To Enter Too High?

Commercial Real Estate Investing

While great money can be made in residential real estate, it’s fairly common knowledge that commercial real estate investing is where big real estate paydays happen. There’s a reason most real estate investors get their start in residential real estate, rather than commercial real estate investing: Its lower price point, ease of financing, and relatively […]