Only pay for what you need with our batch Skip Tracing Packages. Pay per order with no monthly commitment, now that's data with impact!

To provide the best results, you should always upload lists that have been properly defined.


.10¢ / Skip

100 - 2,499 Skips


.09¢ / Skip

2,500 - 4,999 Skips


.08¢ / Skip

5,000 - 9,999 Skips

Best Value


.07¢ / Skip

10,000+ Skips

Featured Monthly Special

We update our Featured Special each month so be sure to check back in here to see what new offers we have for you.

Want to try Skip Force before making a decision?

Get to know Skip Force functionality, analyze the quality of our data and feel free to ask us questions. Get your first 300 skips for $20!

High Quality Data
Affordably Priced

Whether you choose a month to month membership or our single batch pricing, Skip Force provides every customer with access to high quality data.

Batch pricing starts at .10¢ and can go as low as .07¢, based on the number of skips you perform.



I want to test out Skip Force first. How can I do that?

The trial is ideal for those looking to test Skip Force. You can take advantage of our trial offer and get your first 300 Skips for $30!  During the trial period, you’ll have access to the same high quality data source that we provide all of our customers.

Am I signing a contract with Skip Force?

No Commitment, No Contract, Ever! You shouldn’t have to be bound to terms and commitments and we believe High Quality Data shouldn’t have a ‘HIGH” price attached to it.

At Skip Force You Pay Per Order, But we hope you would want to be a member. Still, No Commitment, No Contract, Ever!

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes! Remember the No Commitment, No Contract, Ever? We really do mean it. And that also pertains to our monthly subscribers.

We do ask that you kindly give us thirty days notice to ensure you’re removed from the billing cycle without any problems.

I'm new to real estate investment, should I skip trace?

Of course, skip tracing with Skip Force is super simple and we can have you tracing in three easy steps:

  • Upload your List
  • Select whether you want to add email appends (an additional 3¢/record)
  • Hit submit

It really is that simple.

Can I skip trace data from another provider?

Heck yes you can! In fact we encourage it. Most investors utilize two providers to ensure they have the best skip trace data in their hands. We love a challenge and love providing you with the highest quality data at a price that’s affordable.

Customers have learned that Skip Force can improve your connection rate by 10%+.

Get started with 300 Skips for $20! (No Commitment)

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