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Skip Trace PRICING


We offer 2 simple plans. Whether you choose a monthly membership or standard account, Skip Force gives you access to the Most Accurate DATA at the BEST PRICE! Create an account today & start finding the right sellers for
your business.

Premium Membership

per match
  • Up to Top 3 Phone Numbers
  • Number Quality Score
  • Optimal Call Window
  • E-Mail Add-On 3¢ (Up to 3)
  • Single Search (250 Free Credits)
  • Bonus: 500 Free Credits When You Sign Up!
Billed at $49 per Month
Best Value!

Standard Account


per match
  • Up to 3 Phone/E-Mail Appends
  • Number Quality Score
  • Optimal Call Window
  • E-Mail Add-On 3¢ (Up to 3)
  • Tier Pricing
  • Bonus: 500 Free Credits When You Sign Up!
Minimum orders are 200 records for pre-pay credits. Minimum of 3 records can be ran.

Check out our Unbeatable Save Up Bundles & save whopping 30% instantly

Save Up 25k for 6 cents

$ 2250

$ 1500

  • Up to Top 3 Phone Numbers
  • Number Quality Score
  • Optimal Call Window
  • Free DNC Indicator

Save Up 50k for 5 cents

$ 4500

$ 2500

  • Up to Top 3 Phone Numbers
  • Number Quality Score
  • Optimal Call Window
  • Free DNC Indicator

Love our Data Quality or Your Money Back

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Bundle! Buy 1000 Pre-Paid records for $60.

Fully refundable if you do not love it - no questions asked!


$ 49 per month
  • Benefits below:

    6¢ Per Skip
  • Unlimited Batch Search As Low As 6¢
  • (Membership Included in
    Platinum Plan


If you’re running more than 2,500 records, the membership will have massive benefits for your business. For a low $49 / month Membership fee, you can save over 20% with skip tracing costs, can cancel anytime. Now that’s data with impact!

Startup Members receive:

  • Single Search – 250 Free
  • No Minimums for Single Search
  • Real-Time Results (Download & Save Instantly)
  • Effortless Upload, No Templates Needed
  • Carrier Data – Top 3 Phone Number/E-Mail Appends
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Access to lower Skip Tracing Rates
  • Exclusive discounts and promotions for Members Only

Common Questions

I want to test out Skip Force first. How can I do that?

The trial is ideal for those looking to test Skip Force. You can take advantage of our trial offer of  1000 records for $60 to see the quality of our data. During the trial period, you’ll have access to the same high-quality data source that we provide all of our customers.

Am I signing a contract with Skip Force?

No Commitment, No Contract! You shouldn’t have to be bound to terms and commitments and we believe High Quality Data shouldn’t have a ‘HIGH” price attached to it.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! For Standard Account pricing, there is No Commitment, No Contract, Ever. We really do mean it.

You can cancel anytime!

We do ask that you kindly give us thirty days notice to ensure you’re removed from the billing cycle without any problems.

I'm new to Real Estate. Should I Skip Trace?

If you are cold calling or texting, then absolutely yes, skip tracing with Skip Force is super simple and we can have you tracing in three easy steps:

  • Upload your List
  • Select whether you want to add email appends (an additional 3¢/record)
  • Hit submit

It really is that simple.

Am I only paying for records produced?

At Skip Force, you pay per record produced, we do not charge for non-hits.

Want to try Skip Force before making a decision?

Run a list of 1000 contacts for only $60 (Carrier Data) to get to know Skip Force functionality and analyze the data quality.
Don’t trust us, trust the data!