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Skip Tracing Guide – Welcome to Skip Force Tutorials. Today we’re going to show you the different types of data you can choose with our advanced skip tracing service. Let’s get started with Carrier Data.

👉Carrier Data is completely unique and we are the only suppliers who provide it. We provide you with the top three numbers associated with the prospect with a detailed time in which to call. This is done by monitoring the activity level on the device for the past 12 to 24 months. Then the data can identify the time of day the number is most active and provide you with the daily optimal call window. Also, we are able to assign a number quality score to every number, which tells you the best numbers to contact first. The price for Carrier Data is only nine cents per skip.

👉Now, let’s go over credit data. Credit Data gives you the more traditional data sets that you have seen from our competitors. We recently added this database to our process and can deliver it to you at a better price due to our volume. It’s a totally different repository from carrier data, which can provide you with up to ten phone numbers, email appends, and close relative names. You receive property address and distress tags like bankruptcy, liens and deceased. The price for Credit Data is only eleven cents per skip.

👉Finally, Communications Data. Communications Data will contain phone numbers and email appends only. This takes out all the data you don’t need and focuses in on the data sets that you do. We’re able to waterfall your list within Credit and Carrier Data to make sure you get the highest hit rate possible. So if you don’t get hits in the first database, the second database will run those non hits to fill in the gaps from the first run through. Typically, this improves hit ratio by 15% to 20%. Communications Data is as low as ten cents per skip.

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