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Skip Force Overview – Hey, I’m Mike, the founder of Skip Force, and our goal is simple supply the best data at the best possible price. We provide industry best data by offering innovative data solutions paired with proprietary skip stacking technology. So let’s start with the problem. The biggest issue clients have with skip tracing was the unpredictability.

Typically, accuracy would hover around 50%. And don’t get confused with hit rate and accuracy. They’re totally two different things. The difference between successful and poorly run campaigns is what they would do with the remaining 50% of the non performing numbers on their list, most would just pull another list and skip trace, which was unbelievably inefficient. But the top real investors would use multiple skip tracing services. They understood that each repository had unique numbers.

So we decided to come up with a solution to make that process easier. And we call it Skip Stacking, which is stacking completely different databases together to give you the best possible results. We tested the two repositories that complement each other best, but also produce completely different data. Since we’re the only provider that has access to the top Phone Carriers Repository, we added the best Credit Data Repository to our platform. And by pairing these two databases and creating a waterfall API, it produced higher hit rates and the highest list accuracy on the market.

Data is king. How you officially utilize that separates you from the rest. So take a look around, watch the videos. Explains the difference between Carrier and Credit Data, and how Skip Stacking can dramatically improve your connection ratio. And even take a look at our list generator, which also is next level. Everything starts with your list. We have to get that part right, so we found the best source for that as well. You get unlimited data for one low monthly price. Matter of fact, apply now and you’ll get the pro version for free the first month. Hard to beat that deal.

Our mission is to provide your data with impact. So thanks for stopping by. Like I said, take a look around and we look forward to doing business with you.

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