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Skip Force Drilling One

Skip Force Drilling One – Interesting people are interested. Why did he say that? Because people tend to always talk about themselves. Right. What? You want to listen to someone who keeps bragging about himself? No. Right. You want to brag about yourself, too. So mirroring actually is the way is the trick that you know. You let that person talk and talk and brag about about himself. He gives you more information about himself because interesting people are interested. So you make it sound to him that you are interested and guess what, You want them to talk. You want them to reveal information. The great thing about mirroring, it’s like what Chris says. It makes them feel that you are paying literally attention to what they’re saying. But I still don’t catch it.

It’s just not enough. Right. And it says in a very polite way, give me more of what you’re saying right now. Right. Give me a little bit more of the information about what you’re saying, because I understand what you’re saying, but I still need more. I need you to elaborate more. Right. And we usually have this at the beginning of the phone call. Hey, Rex, this is JP. I’m calling in regards to your property. One, two, three. Main Street. I just want to know if you’re interested in selling. Maybe. Great response right there. Maybe, maybe. Maybe. And then what was the other key part of the mirroring and the labeling that Chris says? What do you guys think? I use the mirroring. Maybe. And what’s next? It’s like seems like.

Skip Force Drilling One  – No, no, no. I use the mirroring maybe. What do I have to do next? Exactly what you guys are doing right now. Oh, both sides. Silence is powerful. If you guys talk right after I’m hearing, right after you guys lose, because you sound desperate. And I understand. And this is precisely what Chris says. When you use one of this negotiation techniques at the beginning, of course, it’s going to be awkward because there’s going to be a lot probably is going to be a lot of silence. But awkwardness just means that you’re on the right path. Right. I pretty much remember when when I was training most of the guys that I used to tell you I’m divorced is at the other end. I used to use Mirroring and Labelling a lot, and he saved me a lot of trouble down the road. Right. Because when I wanted to hear her talking to me and not arguing or she was arguing for whatever reason, I used the labellings the mirrorings in order to diffuse those bombs that were coming on my way. Right. But you need to use it properly. You need to practice.

And you realize, let’s be honest, how many of you guys are using layering and labeling right now in your calls? I want to see those hands up Okay, you do it on a daily basis every day. If I will listen to your calls, are you 100% sure that you use it on a daily basis? Depends on most of my depends on the call, why? depends on the lead depends on the lead? it’s mood. Seems like for some reason you guys are conditioned into use it on everyday practice right now. As soon as we get off the meeting. Practice. Trust me on every conversation that you guys have on your daily basis, either with the lead or with your mom, with your sister, with your daughter, with your dog, whatever, you’re going to have the chance of mirroring. Try and you will love the results at the beginning. That is just JP talking nonsense. But as soon as you start seeing the results, you’re going to get so much used to it.

Skip Force Drilling One – You will trust me. You will. You will get trust. You will get used to it. And the reason is it’s effective. Guys, I want you also to understand these are techniques and like every technique is not 100% accurate. A lot of people are just jerks over the phone. Pardon my French two ladies. Right. But that’s going to happen sometimes of mirring and labeling even when you did it at the right time or the right way. Not going to work. And that’s fine, too. That’s part of the process, right? So if you use layering and labeling and it didn’t work where and specifically that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to do it. You’re going to keep you are not going to keep doing it with the next ones. That just means that this person wasn’t the right one at the moment. That’s all right. That’s just exactly the same. We would not been allowed and maybe we’ve had a lead that is right there under by bunch days and the other. For whatever reason, we cannot close it. That doesn’t mean that we’re not doing a bad job. That just means that this was not the right person at that precise moment. And also, we need to go back and review what we missed, where we missed. We’re all human beings here, including you guys, including John, include me.