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Property Data Benefits and Walkthrough:

Property Data Benefits and Walkthrough – So one of the things we do extremely well in our investment business is generate a ton of leads. We generate about 50 leads a week of qualified leads. That means people, that two tiers. One, either they’re in mass of amount of pain and motivation I want to sell. I don’t care what their timeline looks like, I don’t care what their asking prices. We want that in our system for our LMS and AMS to start talking, to start working. Right? Then, the second would be a medium motivation that has a very, very short timeline. So less than 90 days, preferably under 30. That needs to be in our system. How we do that is because of the data.

Why Become A Member:

One of the great things about owning a data company is I have all this data at my fingertips. I’m able to obviously get it at a very great price and also pass it on to our clients. We added property data to skip force. Let me kind of show you what that looks like. I’m just going to my website right here, right? And you go to and you go under the plans and pricing tag and just go to property data. This is the page that you’re going to see. Furthermore, we have three different tiers, silver, gold, and platinum.

What that means is that you just have a different amount of data accessible per plan, obviously. Right? At the very least, you start at silver.  Silver means you’re going to get these lists. You’re going to get delinquency tax, delinquency cash buyers, low equity, upside down leads, high equity leads, free and clear leads, and absentee owner leads. This is a huge amount of information all for $99 a month. Also, you could download 60k of them a month, every single month. Download 60,000 this month, next month you got 60,000 more. No longer do you have to pay $100, $99 for 10,000, then pay for the extra, you get 60,000. Here one for our gold plan.

Property Data Benefits and Walkthrough:

Check this out. You get everything in silver and then you get this, active listings board, investors, pre foreclosures, foreclosures, long term owners, inherited vacancy, and zombie properties. Also, you could build your business just on zombie properties. This is a national database.  Zombie properties are houses are going into foreclosure that are vacant.

So do you think that’s a motivated seller? Heck yeah, that’s a motivated seller. Now our other plan, our platinum plan, right here at 175, that gives you everything in the gold plan and throw in our membership pricing as well. Hold on here, let me move this out. So what that gives you is, like I said, at 175, you get the whole thing. You get all the lists, 60k of them per month, plus our membership pricing, which is typically $49 extra. So you save money on the gold package by adding that to it, and you get an unbelievable price.

System Benefit:

So one of the things that we offer, we’re adding so many new things right now that’s hard to really keep up. But one of the things we’re offering right now is a wallet system. So if we’re running a special every single month, every quarter, we have some kind of special that’s going on. I would just prepay for the skip tracing, and then you could go in there, and then when you need the property data list, you just download it and then use your prepaid credit, and it’s going to save you a ton of cash. And that’s really what you need right now in this type of economy.

That should not be expensive. It used to be extremely expensive. And what we’ve done to the industry is we gave you unbelievably tier one data at a wholesale price, right? So if you’re not trying it, you’re doing your business a disservice.

So go check it out at


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