Prime Number Generator

What is Prime Number Generator?

Run lists from other providers through our Carrier Database to get those numbers graded and the best time to call.

Old lists sitting around, not performing for you? 10s of thousands of dollars are spent on data, this is how you can repurpose those lists.

Imagine if you can generate new leads and increase your revenue without having to purchase a new list.

At least 50% of your old list is Non-Performing, meaning it’s just sitting in your database as a sunken cost. We can change that and turn those bad numbers into NEW leads!

With our ability to grade numbers… we can take your old list (from other providers), grade those numbers, and search for a BETTER number associated with the prospect.

We ONLY charge if we can provide a number with a higher Number Quality Score!

Want to try Skip Force before making a decision?

Run a list of 200 contacts for only $22 (Credit Data) to get to know Skip Force functionality and analyze the data quality.
Don’t trust us, trust the data!