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Prime Number Generator

Turn old data into new opportunities!

Looking to make the most of your data? Convert non-performing data from other providers into fresh leads!


Use our Prime Number Generator to obtain the best possible number for that elusive prospect.

Simply input your Non-Performing Data into our system and witness our tech stack in action!

Our innovative technology will process your data across multiple databases.

We can assign a grade to each number and identify an alternative number linked to the prospect with a higher grade. You're only charged if we can generate a number with a higher grade.

Phone Type
Usage Last 12 Mons
Usage Last 2 Mons
 A Wireless
 Moderate to Heavy
Moderate to Heavy
 B Wireless
 Moderate to Heavy  Light to Heavy
 C  Wireless  Moderate to Heavy  Light
 E  Landline  Moderate to Heavy  Light to Heavy
 F  Wireless  Any  Minimal
 G  Any  Moderate to Heavy  Any
 I  Any  Light  Any
 J  Any  Minimal  Any
 K  Any  None  Any

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Unlock the FULL potential of your existing lists!

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