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Skip Force LLC. Announces New Single Tier Pricing With .08 Cent Batch Pull

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Austin, TX: Skip Force LLC, a leader in skip trace software for real estate investors, announced a new single tier pricing structure for their Software as a Service (SaaS) product line.  Beginning Friday October 2, 2020 the new plan initiates, offering Skip Force customers unlimited access to their database with batch pricing starting at .08 cents per pull. This precedent establishes Skip Force’ commitment to provide the greatest value at a great price.


Michael Singletary, CEO of Skip Force, has stated “Industry right person contact is approximately 50%. We’ve gained traction with our customers for providing improved right person contact at a substantially better price point. It’s important to the team that we provide the greatest value in our industry to our customers. With this single ideal, we’re confident that our growth will continue on a vertical trajectory as we look for new solutions to our customers needs.”  Skip Force’ proprietary software is founded on three pedestals of strength: 


  • Number  Quality Score (QNS) – QNS allows Skip Force to monitor phone numbers and their usage. From this point, we grade each contact in association with the prospect…the higher the grade the greater the probability of reaching a decision maker.
  • Optimal Call Window  (OCW) – OCW allows Skip Force to map out the most active periods in a decision makers phone data. Our reports provide you with the best times to contact your prospects each day. Skip Force prides itself on increasing connection rate by 10% or greater. 
  • Flip Lists (FL) – FL is Skip Force’ pride and joy allowing customers to upload their current lists from other providers. Skip Force then assigns an NQS to the list and cross-references data to distinguish if there is another number assigned to the contact. This allows Skip Force the power to help customers turn old leads into opportunities to reach decision makers.

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