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Prime Number Generator

Optimize your lists with our Carrier Database. We grade numbers and find the best call times.


Run lists from other providers through our Carrier Database to get those numbers graded and the best time to call.

Old lists sitting around, not performing for you? 10s of thousands of dollars are spent on data, this is how you can repurpose those lists.

Imagine if you can generate new leads and increase your revenue without having to purchase a new list.

At least 50% of your old list is Non-Performing, meaning it's just sitting in your database as a sunken cost. We can change that and turn those bad numbers into NEW leads!

With our ability to grade numbers… we can take your old list (from other providers), grade those numbers, and search for a BETTER number associated with the prospect.

We ONLY charge if we can provide a number with a higher Number Quality Score!

What Makes Prime Number Generator Unique

Optimal Call Window

It’s beneficial if you knew when someone’s attention was already on their phone.

Since we can track phone number usage level, we can also determine the time of day the phone number is most active.

This “Call Window” gives you the ability to put your message in front of your prospects attention.

Number Quality Score

We are the only provider that can tell YOU which number to contact first!

You’re probably thinking…How?

Because we are the only data provider that has credit and phone carrier level data.

This saves you time, money & reduces risk!

Go to our Why We Are Different page for best practices.

Prime Number Generator

Phone Type
Usage Last 12 Mons
Usage Last 2 Mons
 A Wireless
 Moderate to Heavy
Moderate to Heavy
 B Wireless
 Moderate to Heavy  Light to Heavy
 C  Wireless  Moderate to Heavy  Light
 E  Landline  Moderate to Heavy  Light to Heavy
 F  Wireless  Any  Minimal
 G  Any  Moderate to Heavy  Any
 I  Any  Light  Any
 J  Any  Minimal  Any
 K  Any  None  Any

Looking to get more value out of your old lists and generate new leads without spending on a new list? Our Carrier Database can help!

By running your lists through our database, we can grade the numbers and identify the best time to call. This means that you can repurpose those lists and turn non-performing numbers into new leads.

Did you know that at least 50% of your old lists may be non-performing, just taking up space in your database? With our grading process, we can find a better number for each prospect, increasing the chances of a successful call.

And the best part? We only charge if we can provide a higher Number Quality Score. This means that you can try our service with minimal risk, and get more value out of those old lists.

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