Intelly is a blockchain-based real estate investment platform that allows participants to invest in all types of real estate opportunities around the globe. The platform will enable users to invest in ongoing construction projects, residences and commercial properties.

With their fractionized-nonfungible token (NFT) infrastructure, Intelly has created a tool for real estate to be tokenized. The fractionized-NFT’s are created by locking a BEP-721 NFT that is tied to an asset into a BEP-20 smart contract.
Intelly will allow any real estate project worldwide to be tokenized and traded on the Intelly Exchange. Tokenized projects will enable investors to own a share of the underlying asset. This creates a liquid real estate market where assets are based on their profitability.

Their first project

Part of the development has already been completed, construction is still going on. This will be Intelly’s first development project in partnership with Tasceken Group. Jardin Eden consists of 118 villas and a 100-room hotel, a total of 218 units. The development is conducted on a land area of 124.000 m2 (about 138.3 sq. yards). The award-winning project even features a private beach for residents.

The project is scheduled to be opened up for investors in July 2022.

Investments will be done with the INTL Token on the Intelly platform.

Advantages of Intelly

  • Tokenization of any kind of real estate asset (e.g., hospitals, airports, ports, hotels, land, etc.) will be available.
  • Decreased ticket sizes and the availability of insurance on the asset will attract any scale of investment.
  • An asset liquidation cost dependent on the liquidation time frame will decrease due to sharply increased market liquidity.
  • The profitability of real estate investments will be preserved while the required entry capital will decrease.
  • For developers, the Intelly Platform will provide a new channel for capital raising to offer their project to a global audience of investors.
  • For token holders, the Intelly Platform will offer access to previously investment opportunities that were previously unavailable due to regulatory or geographic constraints.

Information about Intelly’s ICO

Intelly had a great start with a phenomenal private sale, achieving a raise of more than $32 million with token sales. Having their roots in the international construction sector, and with offices around the globe, a strong private sale was expected from Intelly. The İCO started its public sale onJan. 1 and it will be continued until Jan. 21, 2022.

Intelly has one of the best real estate integration to the blockchain we have seen so far. With the industry backing, intelly is set up for a bright future, definitely a project you should follow.


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