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For many people beginning in the real estate profession, not knowing where to start can be intimidating. Not to mention you may only have yourself to rely on in terms of marketing. This can make tasks like outreach and prospecting nerve wracking. 

Further amplifying matters, when you don’t feel confident in what you say or do your prospect can read right through you. They may hang up on you or worse you never get them back on the phone!

This is why data is king!

What if you knew the time of day your prospect is on the phone? Will that improve your opportunity to talk to prospects? What if you had your script dialed in? Would those conversations have a better chance of leading to a positive result. 

While there are countless skip tracing providers available, their data is focused on providing names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails to name a few data points rather than provide you with opportune times to place calls. Every advantage counts in this game. 

Most investors share these common pain points:

  • Unable to connect with prospects
  • Loss in revenue (due to poor data and frequent follow up)
  • Drops in morale (due to lack of sales)
  • High turnover (due to lack of work)
  • Diminishing Returns On Ad Spend (print media, canvassing neighborhoods, etc)

All of these factors ultimately lead to an ineffective business. As a skip tracing provider, we hate to see this happen and believe we have a responsibility to educate the masses and help them succeed in day to day operations. 

Solutions Focused: 

Because of this, Skip Force saw an opportunity to fill the gap between providers who provide just contact data and providers who are seeking solutions to common problems that real estate professionals face. 

Skip Force knew there was a better way to succeed and offer customers a tailored experience that would lead to greater returns on investment. We understand the pain points real estate professionals are challenged with from personal experience and believe strongly that our solutions are industry-leading and groundbreaking. This is why we are the only provider that offers an Optimal Call Window that can: 

  • Increase connection ratio by 5-10% if utilized properly
  • Return lost revenue with high quality data reducing outreach frequency
  • Increase morale with higher ticket sales and build confidence in standard operating procedures
  • Improve retention and confidence in your team with greater work abundance
  • Increase Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

So what is an Optimal Call Window and how can it help your business?

Optimal Call Window

Optimal Call Window is the second of Skip Force’s three pillars of success. Every customer receives an optimal call window with each file that outlines the optimal time to reach a prospect. 

Our proprietary software is able to pull a prospect’s cellular data and cross-reference the most active times the prospect is using their phone. Once this initial round of data is run, a comparison on phone calls to text messaging occurs allowing us to further pinpoint the perfect time to reach a prospect. 

This method of identifying a prospect’s activity enables you to place the right message in front of your prospect at the most likely time of their attention. Tests have shown that your connection rate will improve between 5-10% when utilized. 

How Optimal Call Window Improves Pain Points

When the optimal call window has executed a handful of operations occur. As outlined above, each customer is given this data upon using Skip Force. 

Improved Connection Ratio

Tests have shown that your connection rate will improve between 5-10% when utilized.

Return Lost Revenue

Lost revenue is returned with high-quality data, meaning less frequent outreach due to better data. You can read up on Number Quality Score and how it binds together a grading metric alongside Optimal Call Window. These two pillars of success work together to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

Increased Morale

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with knowledge and tools to be successful, you’ll need a script that has worked and can return positive profits for you. From here, you can establish the proper Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s) for your cold callers and Inside Sales Agents (ISA’s). Close more leads and watch as your team converts prospects into Close Wins for you. 

Improve Retention and Confidence

When your team has an abundance of work they feel fulfilled. As a result, when they’re able to turn over sales to you and realize their greatest potential they’ll want to prove their value to you. Thus leading to a non-hostile environment which contributes to a sales team’s tenure. 

Increase Return On Ad Spend

Your outreach program should incorporate telemarketing communications, or phone outreach marketing. With Optimal Call Window in place, you’re able to establish a solid outreach marketing program further contributing to a reduction in other marketing methods such as flyers, brochures and mailers which add up quickly. Cold Calling is by far the most profitable method for closing leads and allows you to build rapport with a prospect vs a mailer/flyer that is lifeless. 

Compounded over time, this alone is a game-changer!

In our next publication we’ll be discussing how to Flip Your Lists to “Unlock Hidden Leads Within Your Database.” Also, if you’re performing Cold Calling already, visit our Tutorials page to learn how we integrated the list into our dialer to streamline our operations. 

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