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Improve Your Cold Calling

Improve Your Cold Calling – So when it comes to marketing, everything works, okay? Everybody’s looking for that special list. Everybody’s looking for that special thing. But truth be told, nothing is special about this business except for consistency. If you’re able to be consistent, every channel works. We choose cold calling. We choose cold calling for several reasons. One, I own a data company, right? Two, I like to be proactive in my lead generation. I don’t like to sit back, wait for the leads coming to me. Although I think inbound leads were very powerful, you should have a little combination of outbound and inbound. But also what I really like is like a hyper target through data, the type of houses I want to reach out to. Since we do everything virtual, we’re not regulated to a geographical area.

And also the cost per lead is unbelievably low. My cost per lead for cold calling is less than $60. So you’re going to be paying three, four, five times, plus that for PPC leads and sometimes direct mail as well. So for cold calling, I think, man if you really, really have the bandwidth and are strong at follow up, see, generating that lead at the beginning is not the problem. We generate over 50 qualified leads a week. Now, what does that mean? Does that mean that they’re ready to buy right now? No, they’re not. A lot of them they will buy, and we want to be there in front of them to make sure that we create that relationship. But the sales cycle is longer. So I said, do you have the bandwidth? Meaning, do you have the capability of staying in front of them, touching them multiple times, and then the expertise to create that relationship with them? And that is the biggest thing.

So if you have that, cold calling is an amazing marketing campaign. I’ve tried them all, and like I said, they all work. Just cold calling is the one for us right now. Now, if you’re cold calling right now, the biggest thing for everybody is to really work. Focus on expenses, right? Don’t spend too much. You want to save as much money as you can during this time because we’re in the turn. This is happening. This is happening right now. We’ve been waiting for this, right? So you can use that money to buy more properties, but more importantly, you want to hold onto your working capital as much as possible. So you keep growing your business. And there’s no better way of doing it than using Skip Force, because why are you paying 30% to 40% more for data? Some of the data is the same as ours, and then we have other data that’s even less expansive that you cannot find anywhere but here.

And that gives us a competitive advantage. It gives my investment business a competitive advantage, and it gives my customers, which we have over 1000 now customers, a competitive advantage. We are able to dial more, get more data. And data is king, right? And so we’re here to help you. So have you never tried our services before? Go to Just run a small list. Forget about what I say. Don’t trust me. Don’t trust anybody with your business. Trust yourself. Go to