Welcome to The Skip Force Skip Tracing Tutorial

Skip Tracing Tutorial – Today, we will show you how to upload a file with the new standard batch portal.

  1. Once you access your dashboard please click the Upload file option on the right side.
  2. The next step is to click the Choose File option and look for the file you want to skip trace.
    1. Once you have chosen your file, please click the upload option.
  3. Now your file is ready to be mapped and remember the information you see here belongs to a sample file is not the actual file you are trying to upload.
    1. For the mapping process, if the field doesn’t match anything on your list, click on set column data and select ignore this column.
    2. Once you complete the mapping process please click continue and choose yes.
  4. Now on the uploaded list screen, you will be able to review the actual file you uploaded, but the number of records to review it’s limited to 250 so if you want to upload a file with 1,000 records, you will only be able to see 250.
    1. After you review your file please click on continue and choose yes.
  5. Now it’s time to confirm the skip trace. Here you can choose between different vendors like Carrier, Credit and Communications.
    1. Also, if you want to suppress your file against our database, this option will have your current list cross-checked to all of your previously uploaded lists so any duplicates detected against your previous lists will not be included on your current file.
    2. If you want to get up-to-date data for your current file, select no for this option and note that this may result in an increased charge.
  6. Now after your file has been uploaded and processed you will be able to download it on the file screen.
    1. To download your file please scroll down and locate the red bar at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Now please click and drag the red bar to the right until you can see all the options available.
    1. Here you will see the Output Ready option. Just click the red button and your download will start in a couple of seconds.
    2. If the payment of a file didn’t go through, you will see the status not paid.
    3. To see why the payment did not go through you can click on the View link under Card Charge Response we have added the new repay option that will allow you to process the payment of the file and have it ready for download using a different card for your convenience.

We hope this guide helps you with your journey with Skip Force.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email, chat or phone.

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About Skip Force LLC.: Skip Force is a SaaS company based in Austin, TX. Founded in August of 2019, Skip Force has developed solutions, for real estate investors and resellers, to streamline the skip tracing process to effectively close leads.

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