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Real Estate Marketing – How To Optimize Your Campaign With Skip Tracing

Telecommunications Marketing is an alternative form of communication that is effective and half the cost of door to door, direct mail or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaigns. With Skip Force, learn how to optimize your real estate marketing campaign with skip tracing to achieve your highest Return On Investment from your marketing efforts.

Below are the primary methods to optimize your real estate marketing campaign:

#1 – Cold Calling – Cold calling is soon to become the primary telecommunication method, as SMS campaigns are soon to be altered. Texting as we know it will be drastically altered as a cold outreach option for telemarketing which really only leaves cold calling clients directly. If one wants to reach the highest levels of ROI and optimize their cold calling tactics, it is critical to use skip tracing to obtain the most current and accurate information for one’s call list. This method is highly effective and scalable because it requires far less physical effort, than knocking on doors, and gives you insight into those you are contacting.
Using Skip Force is the best solution for skip tracing because it is the only provider on the market that provides you with a call window in which the contact is most active on their phone. Not only this, but you are also able to touch contacts before they are willing to sell, because you are reaching out to owners of properties that have high equity and may not have considered putting their properties on the market yet.

Real Estate Marketing

#2 Driving for Dollars – This incorporates door to door or face to face consultations, but oftentimes no one answers. The other more widely known tactic is “driving” around neighborhoods looking for houses that appear to be vacant (long grass, run down, no curtains or venetian blinds…etc). Knocking on peoples doors has always been a traditional method of generating sales and during COVID times, since everyone is home, this method has some level of success; however it is extremely labor intensive and not scalable overtime. This tactic requires excellent skills in face to face sales and can be very exhausting. Skip tracing is useful for when you find the perfect house and they are not at home. Just send us the address with the owner’s names and we can give you the phone number to contact.

Real Estate Marketing

#3 Direct Mail – Sending mail is one of the earliest forms of marketing and has its ups and downs. It can have some level of effectiveness however, it is very expensive and take a long commitment. This form of marketing is a great way to get a bulk message out, however, even this method benefits from skip tracing because you get the most updated addresses for the contacts. Oftentimes many mailings get returned to the sender or the person it is being sent to never receives it because they have moved and the mail is no longer being forwarded. If your list has been skip traced, your delivery rate will improve and your overall connection to leads will improve. Plus you would have the opportunity to target the customer with another campaign like cold calling and text.

Direct Mail Skip Tracing

#4 Pay Per Click – PPC campaigns are highly scalable but can become very expensive. In order to have success with this method, you must allocate enough budget for your ads to actually perform and refine the campaign based on its performance. This takes a deep understanding of who your audience is and how to manage online advertisements through Google or social media. If you are not consistently refining the campaign based on observations of the performance, large budgets can be wasted on clicks that are considered “unqualified buyers.”

Skip Tracing

If you’re not skip tracing, you’re missing out on an opportunity, a golden ticket, to dramatically lower your cost per lead and cost per contract. But make sure you pick the right provider because the worst possible scenario is to receive bad data turning your pipeline into a barren wasteland. This costs you much more than skip tracing, it will lose you precious time and team morale leading to an unsuccessful outreach campaign. The opportunity cost here is too great to take a chance, that’s why it’s so important to incorporate a reputable provider like Skip Force to ensure success with your real estate marketing!

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About Skip Force LLC.: Skip Force is a SaaS company based in Austin, TX. Founded in August of 2019, Skip Force has developed solutions, for real estate investors and resellers, to streamline the skip tracing process to effectively close leads.
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