How much does Skip Force cost?
Premium Plan
    • 5 cents per record.
    • Monthly Fee $99
Basic Plan
    • 8 cents per record
    • Monthly Fee $49
Single Search available for Subscription members only. Otherwise tiered pricing starting at 12¢ – 8¢ dependent on volume.
What is Skip Force's Hit Rate?


What is the difference between top tier data and lower tier data besides price?
Top tier data has a higher accuracy ratio because it is produced in real time. Lower tier data are older numbers that have been recycled. The older the number the lower the accuracy because our target audience changes numbers frequently.


Typically top tier data will fall within the 49-50% accuracy range. The lower tier data will fall within 20-30% range.
Which address should we use for the best results, mailing address or property address?
Use the mailing address. If you do not get a result, then use the property address.
Am I tied to a contract with the subscription plan?
No! It is Month to month, but you cannot unsubscribe and resubscribe to get the discount.
What information do I need to upload my list for the best results?
Prospects First and Last name, address, city, state and zip.


We can pull numbers with address only but quality is better with the names. The activity grade is associated with the prospects names first than the address.
How good is Skip Force's quality?
Top tier quality. You can expect the accuracy to hover around 45-55% dependent on your list and input data quality.
What is the difference between your Subscription Plan and Standard Pricing?
Top tier quality. You can expect the accuracy to hover around 45-55% dependent on your list and input data quality.
Can you search for numbers with only the property address?
Yes, but since we are tracking the individual you will get a higher accuracy ratio if you include the prospects name.
What is your refund policy?
We have a zero refund policy.
Do you offer individual searches?
Yes! The Single Search is included in the subscription memberships and it’s unlimited!


Highly accurate numbers if you have the name and address.


Also with a Click to Call component so that you can initiate contact as soon as you receive the phone.
How can I get the most out of Skip Force data?
Instead on downloading all the numbers at once, focus on Tier 1 numbers first and then transition to Tier 2. If you download all the numbers from the master list you will integrate the lowest ranking numbers which will affect production.


To further increase the connection ratio you can incorporate the Optimal Call Window sub-lists into your platform at the optimal time.
How do I sign up for a Subscription plan?
Go to our Price page ( and pick the plan of your choice. Fill out the login information and payment information than you are in the system!
Will I be charged for the entire list or only matches?
Just for numbers we can produce.