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Same great data we have been providing for years. We gather data from phone carrier repositories which enables us to provide you with tier 1 data at a low price.

We provide you with a Number Quality Score + Optimized Call Window + Prime Number Generator services.

  • Silver starts at $99. You get unlimited access to Absentee, Free & Clear, High Equity, Low Equity, Upside Down, Cash Buyers, and Private Lender List.
  • Gold $145. You get unlimited access to the Pro lists plus, Active Listings, Bored Investors (owned property for 10+ years and no transfer date), Pre- Foreclosure, Foreclosures, Long Term Owner, Inherited, Vacancy, and Zombie Properties (Pre-foreclosure and vacant properties)
  • Platinum Our best value at $175 gives you access to the Elite List plus access to membership skip tracing prices.

We highly recommend that you use the mailing address as some owners can be an absentee.

  • For probate/inherited and/or deceased lists, please verify the name listed on the property title. 
  • If the list is under the deceased person's name, we need the mailing address of the deceased person
  • If the list is under the relative's name, we need the mailing address of the relative

Yes we do! You can have it as "E-mail Only" or as an add-on when you order for phone number appends. Cost is $0.03/append.

Premium Plan
  • 6 cents per record.
  • Monthly Fee $49

Single Search available for Subscription Members only. Otherwise tiered pricing starts at 9¢ – 5¢ dependent on volume.

All purchases are subject to sales tax.

The Membership is month-to-month, you can cancel anytime!

No. You can submit a list using our Standard Batch. Sign Up Here

Up to 95% dependent on the quality of the list submitted.

Reasons Why Users Get A Low Hit Rate

  1. Trying to append for PO boxes and Military Mailing Addresses.
  2. Improper format- Transposed first and last name.
  3. Different Owner Name.
  4. Different Mailing Address.
  5. No Owner name.
  6. No Mailing Address.
  7. Trying to append for churches, banks, government-owned properties or business establishments.
  8. We do our best to append entities and trusts, is often a low append rate.
  9. It is best to provide the personal owner's name and address.
  10. Trying append for international addresses.


Its essential you properly map your record's fields.

For example: First name and last name should be in their own appropriate columns

File format - Check your file and remove,  P.O. boxes, LLCs and Government addresses.

Target Market Changing Numbers - Rerun your file because our repositories are updated daily and numbers not found one day often can be found the following day.

Top tier data has a higher accuracy ratio because it is produced in real time. Lower tier data are older numbers that have been recycled. The older the number the lower the accuracy because our target audience changes numbers frequently.

Typically top tier data will fall within the 50-60% accuracy range. The lower tier data will fall within 20-30% range.

We provide Top Tier quality that consistently outperforms IDI and Delvepoint, which is the source for most skip tracing providers. Hit rate is up to 95% + with an accuracy of around 60%.

By combining carrier and credit data, Skip Force is able to achieve tier 1 data at the highest hit rate for the best price.

Both plans provide top-tier data from our Credit and Carrier repository along with DNC and litigation scrub.
The primary difference is Subscription Memberships give you access to the best price regardless of file size..
Members also have access to single searches and upon sign up receive 250 free single searches, after the 250 credits, it will cost 0.07¢ per single search.
Both Members and Non-Members receive data in real-time, easier upload process, and are not subject to business hours
Typically top tier data will fall within the 50-60% accuracy range. The lower tier data will fall within 20-30% range.

Yes, but your hit rate and accuracy will be significantly lower.

We have a zero refund policy. All orders are final.

Even if you do not run a file, once your account membership renews, you can not get a refund.

Please be sure to cancel prior to your renewal date.

Yes! The Single Search is included in the subscription memberships.

Highly accurate numbers if you have the name and address.

Also, with a Click-to-Call component so that you can initiate contact as soon as you receive the phone.

Just for numbers we can produce.

You will always be disappointed with LLC’s and Corps with any provider. Highly accurate Skip Tracing without the member's personal information will give poor results. Skip Tracing companies that advertise that they can get you this information are false. We actually pulled this service because it doesn’t serve our clients in the standard that’s acceptable.

Best practice is to get the Members information from the SOS then use the company address if you do not have their home address.

You can get a standard member account to try our service. There is a minimum of 200 records to upload a file.

You can register here for free:

If you buy credits, you can use as few as 3 at a time.

When you are submitting a file, without credits, the minimum is 200.

Have more questions?

Give us a call at 866-962-8190 or send us an email at

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