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Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial Real Estate Investing – What You Need To Know

The pandemic has thrown a wrench in commercial real estate investors’ plans and may have scared off new investors of both residential and commercial real estate. Almost overnight, retail and office spaces were void of people, and businesses were struggling to pivot to online sales. Although many businesses have closed their doors, others have weathered the storm, and almost half of all workers are experiencing burnout — investors are looking toward what’s next for the future of commercial real estate.

As always, investors are looking for good cash flow, high cap rates, and tenants with the ability to pay rent on time. Here’s what you need to know about the future of commercial real estate in a post-pandemic world.

1. Recovery will take time

The only thing we can say with nearly 100% certainty is that commercial real estate will take some time to recover. Just as the U.S. and global response to the pandemic has taken careful planning, policy and adaptation, the commercial real estate industry will experience the same. Stimulus checks and small business loans from the government have kept businesses afloat over the past year, but those policies will wane in the coming months, and the market will adjust accordingly.

2. Not all spaces are created equal

It’s unfair to lump all sectors of commercial real estate together when talking about the effects of the pandemic and life after it. Some industries — like office space and concert venues — may be slower to recover. Others — like industrial complexes or multi-family units — may see a quicker uptick.

3. Not all markets are created equal

Not all markets are the same, either. Rural communities have less commercial space in general, and thus, its market has been less devastated by social distancing guidelines and shutdowns. This means rural markets have less catching up to do. Urban areas are often centered around commercial space and will take longer to bounce back from the pandemic — and may do so in a different way.

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