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Rising Mortgage Rates
Ways to Take the Sting Out of Rising Mortgage Rates

Ways to Take the Sting Out of Rising Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates are at their highest level in more than a decade. Home buyers are fighting back. More borrowers are paying fees to cut their interest rates and making higher down payments to lower the amount they have to finance, lenders and real-estate agents say. […]

Mortgage Rates
Rising Mortgage Rates Starting To Affect Residential Housing Market

The combination of the limited number of homes for sale, continued double-digit price increases and the sharp rise in mortgage rates is taking a toll on home sales across the United States. New home sales were down 12.6 percent in March compared with March 2021, according to the Census Bureau. Existing homes sales were down […]

Vacation Home
Pandemic’s Vacation Home-Buying Frenzy Beginning To Fizzle

Among the unexpected impacts of the coronavirus pandemic was the spike in demand for vacation homes. Consumers working remotely with steady incomes and savings opted to spend their cash on second homes since they could use them more often. Low mortgage rates and rapidly rising home equity that some homeowners could borrow against for a […]