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Factors That Can Indicate a Profit
12 Key Factors That Can Indicate a Profitable Rental Property

Factors That Can Indicate a Profit Factors That Can Indicate a Profit – There are about 85 million single-family homes in the U.S. Although it’s possible to rent nearly every home, the truth is that some homes make more profitable rentals than others. If you’re thinking about buying your first rental property, or are adding […]

Reduce Capital Gains Taxes
How to Reduce Capital Gains Taxes on a Home Sale

Reduce Capital Gains Taxes Dear Liz: We’re retired and living in California. We are planning on selling our home, which is paid for, and moving to Tennessee in a couple of years. I think we qualify for a “one time” capital gains exemption. Our home is worth over $1 million and we paid only $98,000 in […]

What Is “Hard Money” In Real Estate Investing?

Hard money lending is very different from other types of loans. You borrow from an individual or private party in a hard money loan with little or no documentation required. The term “hard money” means that these loans are harder to get because they usually have higher interest rates and stricter terms than conventional financing. […]