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Build Wealth With This Guide To Passive Real Estate Investing

Passive real estate investing may be right for you.

If you ask any investor what the most reliable, intelligent methods of building wealth are, there’s a good chance that investing in real estate will be on that list. Indeed, millions of people in the U.S. and worldwide are using real estate investments to increase their wealth and diversify their portfolios (real estate has, historically, been relatively recession-resistant).

However, the time constraints that most people face today — careers, families and social lives all vying for our attention — leave little room for the average individual to search for excellent real estate properties, work with the lender to arrange the financing, lease tenants, handle maintenance requests and more. Passive real estate investing can create the ability for individuals to invest in real estate without the stress or time constraint of operating the real estate property. This short guide will give you all the essential information you’ll need to get started as a passive real estate investor.

Passive vs. Active Real Estate Investing

There are two types of real estate investing: active and passive. When you think of a real estate investor, you might picture someone that owns rental properties, manages their tenants, collects rental income, handles maintenance requests, so on and so forth. This example is someone that is an active investor.

By contrast, passive real estate investing is where the investor doesn’t work in any of their investments. When you buy Apple stock, you don’t automatically work for Apple. Stocks are a passive investment. Similarly, you can purchase real estate in the same way (more on this below).Therefore, active investing means you actively work in your investment. Passive investing means you contribute capital but minimal to no work other than finding the right opportunity.

Nowadays, investing passively is as simple as joining a real estate syndication. Real estate syndications are groups of real estate investors who partner to make a more significant real estate purchase than they could individually. For example, a 350-unit apartment building might be hundreds of millions of dollars. Either one person could buy that, or a syndicator could bring passive investors together to create a syndicate, and then each take a proportional percentage of the profits.

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