There are many forms of marketing that your skip tracing business might settle on. The differing methods such as cold calling, direct mail, PPC or even email campaigns, all segue from the same point of origin; Your LISTS! That’s why you want to exercise care when obtaining and condensing your lists from skip tracing data providers. With that being said, here are Skip Forces’ top 6 ways to improve your skip tracing efforts.

1. Find a skip tracing provider you trust

Find a list source that updates their data as soon as possible! It’s super important that you get your list straight from the county you reside in. Without any hesitation, this is the best type of list you can grab.

When seeking a list source, you want to ensure the data provider is updating their information at least once a month. There are several great providers, but we recommend using reputable sources such as Listability and you can check out their real estate investor list at any time. If you’d like to speak with someone, call Russell and tell him Skip Force recommended you.

Listability provides great updated data, however you won’t find all of your hardship lists from them. Another option is to head over to our pricing page and view the pricing plans. We’ve partnered with Listsource to provide you with the most up to date information you can find.

Remember, the older the data, the worst the list. Having incorrect data costs you opportunities, make sure to find a provider that provides you with real-time data. The lists you should be concerned about are utility shut off, death, probate, low economic, appointment of trustee, pre-foreclosure, tax delinquency, code violations, high equity absentee, seniors. Not to mention all the liens, mechanical, medical, HOA, bankruptcy, landlords, evictions, expired listings, estate For Sale By Owner’s (FSBO’s), sales, vacant homes, and other investors.

2. Clean your list up:

The saying Trash In Trash out is 100% true! Precision is vital when cleaning up your lists. The slightest deviation in addresses or names will dramatically affect your results and contaminate your data.

The mistake most investors make is they purchase a list, upload and submit it to a skip tracing provider and hope for the best. Nine out of ten times it usually works! Along with paying your contractor in full up front, but it’s not an optimal situation.

Spending a few minutes in the process will definitely improve your opportunities. So here are a few things you should do after receiving your list.
Look over your lists: Make sure the addresses are completely spelled out. Small counties still manually input data. If the individual inputting the data for the day is not paying attention to detail, they may cut corners and use abbreviations or misspell streets. They’re human, it happens.
Eliminate Suffixes and Prefixes: Suffixes such as Senior or Junior as well as prefixes such as Mister, Miss, Misses all play a role in identifying the contact you’re trying to reach. However, when pulling data, it doesn’t make sense to include these. Also eliminate middle initials, you won’t need them when speaking to your contact, no one uses them.

Separate all the names that are associated with the address. For example, if you have a Jack and Diane Smith, separate them into their own search. What this allows you to do is obtain as much information as possible about that property.
Think of it like this, Jack Smith who lives at 1235 Olive St. and Diane Smith who lives at 1235 Olive St. While they both live at the same address, you may only find two numbers, however by separating the two names, you have a higher chance of acquiring a new number. Perhaps Jack opened a new line of credit with his Credit Union and Diane may have opened a new utility for the property in question. Manned with this knowledge, closing a lead became one step easier.

Make sure you have a name with an address. Some lists won’t provide a name but the extra effort in finding a name you tie to the property will provide a huge difference. This plays an important role when trying to locate LLC’s. Hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines to do the leg work of going to the Secretary of State website to identify the LLC. members’ names. At Skip Force we use the owner’s names with the business address to obtain a result. You shouldn’t have to identify their personal address to get the names of a member.

3. Standardize your lists!

Standardization is the process by which you validate your list against the USPS database to ensure a match with an address. Let’s use the address as an example 1235 Olive St. Suite 200, Austin, Tx 78749. It can also be written as 1235 Olive Street, STE 200, Austin, Tx 78749 or 1235 Olive St., 200, Austin, Tx 78749.

There are several iterations of writing the address, and while there is no wrong way to write it, a computer using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will file these as three different addresses. It’s possible you may find several additional contact numbers while scrubbing data in your search for a contact. You need to find a way to condense these addresses into one standard format to optimize your search results. Skip Force condenses this information and provides standardization as part of your membership.

4. Flip Your List!

The next step takes a little more technical aptitude, but it’s super helpful in your skip tracing process. As stated earlier, many lists you receive will contain outdated data, and in many large counties you can download data information online.

At Skip Force we use Microsoft Access to store and manage data every single month. Once you’ve obtained the information from your county, you can cross reference the data from your list against the counties to identify if the data within your list is accurate. If the information you cross referenced does not match the list you received, more than likely you have outdated information.

You’ll want to eliminate the names from your list to prevent wasting time and reaching out to the wrong contacts. Perhaps this sounds too cumbersome and time consuming, no need to worry. We provide this solution to make sure the data you receive from Skip Force is as up to date as possible.

5. Telecommunications Marketing

If you’re looking for Skip Tracing services, you’re more than likely also cold calling, texting or emailing contacts. If you’re not including this in your reach out, you’re leaving huge amounts of money on the table.

Cold Calling is by far our largest lead generator and it produces the best Return On Investment (ROI). Yet, most people we’ve talked to, make these two mistakes.

Outsource Cold Calling: Typically this service gives no control over quality of your sales agent and this often affects the quality of qualifying leads. Additionally, if you receive an agent that works wonders for your team, there is also potential for them to transfer to another account further frustrating you and your team. This is the experience most customers have received in the past. While there are some great outbound companies out there, risking quality is not a compromise you should be willing to accept.

In House Internal Sales Agents (ISA): Oftentimes companies add an in house ISA to the team using an outsourced agent and paying little to nothing on the dollar. Businesses using this method believe giving the ISA a script and spending a couple of hours in training and development will provide the same results, if not better.

The pitfall that many owners fail to see is that the ISA may be too nice and desire people pleasing tactics. They often outshine in customer service and completing tasks rather than viewing the value in productivity pay. Let’s face it, cutting corners on the sales team isn’t how you grow a business.

Hiring the right ISA is critical to reaching your goals and with consistent coaching and development you’ll find the most effective ISA that is home grown and willing to go the extra mile.

6. Find the right Skip Tracing Provider!

All of the information provided won’t make sense if you can’t team up with the right Skip Tracing Provider. There are only a few Top Tier Data Providers on the market and most of their data comes from similar sources. Skip Force’ source is completely different from other sources. We have tested against all the top tier providers and have consistently outperformed them.

Many of the competitors cannot compete with price. Skip Force is committed to delivering the best skip tracing experience to the industry. There will never be compromise between quality over price, and we deliver the greatest value on the market. Don’t second guess the quality of data over our pricing schedule. Our Mission is to Provide the Best Skip Tracing Value on the Market.

Skip Force, Data With Impact!

About Skip Force LLC.: Skip Force is a SaaS company based in Austin, TX. Founded in August of 2019, Skip Force has developed solutions, for real estate investors and resellers, to streamline the skip tracing process to effectively close leads.

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